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Advanced Feed And Speed Calculator for CNC Programmers and Machinists

Features in comparison with other S&F Calculators

Feature HSMAdvisor HSMAdvisor Lite FS Wizard: Mobile/Online Competitor "G"
Basic Speeds and feeds
Constantly updated with the latest tools and materials.  
Chip Thinning and HSM
Tool Life estimation
Full Tool length/deflection compensation
Flute length compensation
Show Tool Deflection

Tool deflection limit (Breakage prevention)

Show Tool Torque
Tool Torque Limit
(Breakage prevention)
Circular Interpolation compensation
Cut optimization
Tool Library
Advanced Tool Management(Keep track of stock, order tools, restock tools)
Machine Profiles
No Horse Power Limit *
Spindle Power Curve compensation
Scientific calculator
Geometry calculators
Threads: 3 wire measurement
Reference: Tap/Drill charts, Fasteners, etc.
Application Wizard/Time Estimation
Payment/Usage type

Flexible Licensing Options

Unlimited Lifetime Floating


Permanent License

* 1 or 3 HP Lifetime Floating license

Free for LITE version

One time payment for life,
free updates for life for PRO version

Free with all HSMAdvisor Packages

Fixed Licensing Option:

Yearly and Lifetime subscription

Hardware and Software Requirements  PC, Windows XP/7/8/10 Microsoft .NET 4.0+   PC, Windows XP/7/8/10 Microsoft .NET 4.0+ Smartphone
Android and iPhone

PC, Mac. Requires
Adobe Air, Internet connection

 Regular Price for one seat

 From $195

Comes with Free FSWizard PRO Mobile app

 From $65

Comes with Free FSWizard PRO Mobile app


Free with all HSMAdvisor Packages

 From $79 per year

No mobile app available


Fully Supported Feature
Unsupported Feature
Partially Supported Feature

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ScreenShots and Features

  • Made by a professional CNC Programmer/Machinist for CNC Programmers, Machinists, and Hobbyists of all levels alike.
  • Save Time and Money by streamlining and standardizing machining decisions.
  • Get ready-to-use cutting parameters that take less time and effort to produce and require minimal operator attention during program proofing and machining.
  • Optimize your productivity by comparing how changes in cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut affect cutting forces and tool life.
  • Protect your tooling by limiting allowed cutting force and deflection
  • Protect your machine tool by mapping the spindle Power Curve and setting limits on spindle torque and maximum feed rate.
  • Save tooling and cutting data for future re-use that radically reduces time and money-associated costs.
  • Turn your second-year apprentice into a seasoned veteran who would not try to cut hardened steel as if it was aluminum!
  • Help your experienced machinists optimize cutting parameters and preserve their knowledge for future use.

♦ More than 200 different materials sorted into material groups according to SECO specifications

♦ A list of recently used materials saves time and effort

♦ Built-in search allows to filter out materials by a portion of their name


♦ A large number of milling, drilling, and turning tools are supported.

♦ Most modern cutting materials, coatings, and their combinations are available with a click of a mouse.

♦ The list includes such exotic tools as High-Feed and Helical Mills.


♦ Comprehensive cutter geometry that can be defined in either imperial or metric units

♦ Fields containing default or ideal values have a green background color, while fields with abnormal or exceeding limits values are red or yellow

♦ Suggested cutter engagement values like Depth of Cut (DOC) or Width of Cut (WOC) are directly related to cutter type, geometry, and workpiece material

♦ You can convert any field to "inch" or "metric" with a click of a mouse on the corresponding unit icon (in or mm)


♦ Cutting Depth and Width are automatically calculated for each tool according to endmill geometry and material being cut.

♦ Change in either Depth or Width of Cut forces the other value to change accordingly to keep the load on the tool the same.

♦ Change in both values forces feed rate change.


♦ While HSM (High-Speed Machining) techniques often put tooling and machinery on the edge of their capabilities, HSMAdvisor allows you to set maximum tool/machine loads to a comfortable for your case level.

♦ Whenever one or more safety levels are exceeded, a warning is triggered, pointing to the source of the problem and possible ways to fix it.

♦ Chip Thinning and HSM switches allow to account for reducing chip thickness as radial depth of cut is reduced below 30% of the cutter diameter. And maximize cutting speed and feed rate.

♦ To accommodate variations in the quality of tooling and machine rigidity, a Tool Performance slider was introduced.
It allows to gradually decrease or increase the tool/material load level to achieve optimum performance, often exceeding manufacturer-recommended parameters.


♦ Drilling tools come with the depth/effective diameter calculator

♦ Break-Thru and recommended pecking amount is listed for each drill type according to its tip and flute geometry.

♦ Circular interpolation/ramping calculator adjusts cutting feed rate according to the geometry of the Hole or the Boss

♦ Helical Ramping Calculator allows calculating helix pitch and ramp angle quickly


♦ Scallop calculator for Ball Nose End Mills quickly converts step-over to scallop height and vise-verse.

♦ Turning Surface Finish Calculator estimates and adjusts the feed rate to get the desired surface finish.


♦ Latest addition - tapping module specifies recommended drill size.

♦ A convenient table allows quickly finding a suitable substitute for any drill size in either imperial or metric.


♦ Speed and Feed overrides help users fine-tune expected cutter life

♦ Tool Life indicator shows how tool life changes according to current cutting data

♦ Manufacturer Settings allow specifying exact recommended tool manufacturer cutting speed and chip load for each particular material.


♦ Advanced tool settings allow changing aggressiveness of the cut and limit cutting forces to an acceptable level.


♦ Machine Spindle power output varies with RPM.
Using Machine Definition dialog, users can map their machine's Spindle Power Curve and prevent dangerous spindle stall conditions that lead to crashes.

♦ Both belt drive and gearbox spindles are supported equally

♦ By checking the "Calculations stick to predefined RPM" box, the user can force calculated RPM to always round towards the closest RPM value from the power curve table.
Thus supporting machines where spindle speed changes are made through swapping pulleys or changing gears.

♦ HSMAdvisor Cloud allows you to download and upload machines stored on the Internet.

♦ You can save the Tool geometry into one of the multiple libraries for convenient re-use right when you need it.

♦ Some users choose to sort tools according to machine type. Others - according to material type being cut.

♦ Each saved tool entry can have an unlimited number of Cuts attached to it.

♦ The Cut is a workpiece-material-related data like Cutter Engagement and any possible overrides that affect cutting speed and chip load.

♦ The Gauges tab shows the most important cutting data at a glance.

♦ Tool Database stores all tooling and associated cutting data in one place.

♦ Users can Copy, Move, Delete and Merge Libraries and tools alike.

♦ Using the "Actions" button, you can import and export Tool Libraries to and from HSMAdvisor for easy sharing and backup.

♦ Tool Database can be shared across several HSMAdvisor seats running on a network.

♦ Included Tool Management options allow to keep track of stock, create Purchase Requests and Re-stock tools.

♦ It will be possible to synchronize Local Database with online cloud storage at a later stage, allowing multiple programmers worldwide to have access to the same knowledge base.


♦  Threads Tab shows specifications for major internal and external thread types.

♦ Three-wire measurement allows the use of both predefined and available wire sizes.

It also lists Minimum, maximum, and Best wire size for each thread size and class.



Various geometric calculators in the Reference tab

♦ Scientific Calculator

♦ Bolt Hole and Partial Bolt Hole Calculators

♦ Bolt Line Calculator

♦ Drill Point / Countersink Calculator




MasterCAM Integration

♦ Use a purpose-built hook to calculate cutting parameters for most milling and drilling tool-paths and tools

♦ Save cutting parameters into a database and recall them to apply saved parameters to new tool-paths quickly



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