HSMAdvisor supports multiple user interface languages.

Here is how you can switch the UI language:

  • Launch HSMAdvisor and go to Settings->General
  • Find the button called "Select Language" and click on it.
  • A new dialog shows where you select one of the available languages from the list and click OK.

You can create your own translation.

Here is the simple concept
Translations are stored in your local drive's user folder: 

There is now one single recommended way of translating HSMAdvisor.

On the bottom status bar, find the "Translate HSMAdvisor" link. It is tough to miss.

The translator window will appear:

If you wish to create a new language, click on the New button and enter your language name:

A new language will be created.
Now you can start translating text items from the current language table:

Each HSMAdvisor language set contains several tables that hold text items for various parts of the program.
Controls are the largest and most important table. It would help if you also translated other much smaller tables like Operations, Tool Type, etc.

You can choose a table by selecting it from the Table drop-down box.

Make sure you click the Save button to make sure your work does not get lost.

Also, periodically Upload your work to the server, so I can create a built-in version of your translation once it is complete.

After you close the translator window, the new language will be applied to the translated items.
All untranslated items will remain in default English language.

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